Ostrich Steaks on The NEW One Earth Cooker Parabolic, launching soon
Everyday camping, South Africa
Local Chefs from Soweto starting their journeys into Clean Cooking Energy
Isnt it wonderful that the whole of Africa can be Solar Powered
Life can be so easy
Sunny Smile at Smoking Dragon Festival
Living the Dream
Demonstration In Thokoza on the outskirts of Jozi
Solar Cooking in a Mining Community sponsored by Xstrata
Young Solar Chef examining the future, Botswana
SunFire previous design, Botswana
Rocking in the shade at Rocking The Daisies, South Africa
Solar Caravan In Africa - Botswana
Happy Solar Chef
Solar Chef, from the ground up.

Welcome to your world of abundant FREE Energy. Solar Cooking offers EVERYONE a magical opportunity to taste Sun Kissed Cuisine and z/enjoy YEARS of Ethilogical Cooking. SunFire is South Africa’s Longest Running Solar Cooking Company (12 Years) with designs to suit every imaginable taste and cuisine. Our aim is to make Solar Cookers as common as cell phones using a network of “Bright Sparx”. If you enjoyed Breakfast this morning then Solar Cooking is for you, need to power a phone or home – no problem we have a Solution for you. We started out as exclusively a Solar Cooker company but have broadened our horizons to bring the same level of excellence to all of our clients. Africa is leading the way to a Solar Age. A portion of any of SunFires sales revenues are re-invested in developing community workshops and breathing life into SunFire's Bright Sparx program. Young Sparkies increase Solar Techs availability to anyone wishing to benefit from a Free Lunch. SunFire is ramping up this program at the speed of Light in 2015 to create opportunities for community leaders to earn a dignified living selling a range of Renewable Technologies that save their clients cash (spent on Fossil Fools) and our Children’s Future - in one elegant breath. What have you done with your sun to make your Life and our World better today? Speak to SunFire Solutions Team for all of your Solar World’s Needs – We are here to Help.