Let the Sun Power Your Life


SunFire Solutions is always on the lookout for ways to spread the light


SunFire is a small company with Big Dreams.

We know that in order to accomplish a full scale Solar R/evolution its going to take a team effort – a new co-operative business model is emerging

We need assistance on many levels, such as but not limited to:

Mentors for small scale business start ups

More Sales points whereby people can access the latest state of the art Solar Tech

IT and/or Video filming and editing skills…??

Establishing contacts within NGO’S, Churches, Big Business

Writing proposals and Business plans

Give SunFire exposure in your publication/website

If you have time to assist with any of these needs or other ideas on how to create greater accessibility and awareness for Solar Cookers.

Please get in Touch – We would Love to hear from you

A major obstacle to mass Solar Uptake is the lack of availability, there are simply not enough places where you can walk into a shop, Taxi Rank, Game reserve – whatever – and see or buy good quality solar technology at work….!!!!
Luckily, this actually creates a business opportunity to promote solar technology either Full OR part time

In early 2017 SunFire created a business starter kit particularly for grass roots eco-preneurs (but applicable to anyone) ranging from R2000, R5000 up to R10, 000

Tier 1 R2000 is comprised solely of Solar Lighting and is particularly effective in areas where Eco-Preneurs find high paraffin usage your Lighting range will beat fossil fools pricing hands down.

The 2nd R5000Tier includes Cooking equipment, if you are in an area using firewood or paraffin to cook go straight for Tier2 –  you wont regret it.

Tier 3 – R10, 000 is a mix of both and gives you enough stock to get you lasted without having to worry about banking or transport until you have sold out.

Please contact SunFire and share your ideas of how you plan to spread the light. If you own a shop, online retail website or are enthusiastic about the cause with some Business savvy please contact us and we will tailor an offering for your market. SunFire has extensive experience and is happy to guide and support you to get started. We don’t have all the answers but have picked up a few techniques and marketing strategies since 2001 and will gladly share with you as we boldly make for new horizons – where no fossil fool has gone before.

SunFire Solutions has an ever increasing range of products, if you have a specific product/market interest please let us know and we will tailor the info we send accordingly. SunFire will do all we can to help ensure your business succeeds and understands each case is different.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project idea

SunFire looks forward to hearing from you and helping you start your Solar Business. Together we can help Africa take back its rightful name as the “Continent of Light

SunFire is also busy creating an NGO www.solarcookersforafrica.com to reach the poorest of the poorest and need “Business Angels” that mentor new entrepreneurs and nurture them to succeed, if you are interested in this, please contact us directly while we set this up.