Mali Soroptomists


  Mali, West Africa – October November 2017 Sponsor: – Sorpotomists Aim – to provide Solar Cooking, Lighting and Mobile phone charging capabilities to 20 families living near Timbuktu as a means of improving their quality of life and particularly the role of women in the household.   We were delighted when we received this

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Food and Trees for Africa

In 1990 Founder, Jeunesse Park, gathered a group of concerned individuals,representing the then major greening organisations in South Africa, who came together with the realisation that the real environmental crisis in this country centred on people, uplifting quality of life and addressing climate change. They recognized that a simple way of achieving this was through the greening of unhealthy, denuded and degraded landscapes. This was the birth of Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA), the first (and still only) South African social enterprise that develops, promotes and facilitates greening, climate change action, food security and sustainable natural resource use and management, known as Trees for Africa until 2000.