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12 Volt TV, Lights and Fridge kit


12 Volt TV, Lights and Fridge kit


Our 12 volt TV, light and fridge system is a truly off grid solution.
Whether you are in a rural setting, fighting load shedding or just want to decrease you electric bill, this kit is the perfect solution.
With the OVHD decoder you now have access to all your open view channels in HD, and the 12 volt fridge keeps your food and drinks cold without having to worry about power outtages. The 12 volt system also means that there is no inverter overload.
The fridge has a standard run time of 24 hours and the TV and lights 5 hours. It will be fully charged the next day. A battery backup of 3 days has been built in, in case of bad weather. These DIY kits are easy to install and really are just plug and play.

It comes with the following:

3 140 Watt Solar panels
4 65Ah Batteries
1 30A PWM regulator
6 LED lights
1 19″ Flatscreen LED TV
1 188 Liter 12 volt fridge/freezer combo

Please inform us if you are interested and we will start building your system


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12V TV, Decoder and Fridge kit

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