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SunFire Rocket Efficient Stove


SunFire Rocket Efficient Stove

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The SunFire Rocket is a highly fuel efficient stove that turns small amounts of wood into large pots of food. Smoke is wood that has not combusted efficiently wasting time and energy and creating pollution”. The Rocket is the most Eco friendly wood burning stove in South Africa and is the perfect complement for cooking on rainy days or at night when Solar Cookers won’t work
 Are virtually smokeless after initial combustion
 Air is recycled using an innovative chimney design.
 Easily reduces firewood consumption by 50%
 The outer cage remains cool to touch even after hours of cooking,
 Made from high quality, heat resistant stainless steel
 Allows years of regular use.

The Rocket Works Stove:

Is a high efficiency wood burning stove, designed to accommodate multiple fuels as required.
It is smokeless after initial combustion, thereby reducing the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning and reducing the emission of black carbon particles (google “climate change and black soot” and prepare to be amazed at the affect of 3 Billion daily cooking fires on our atmosphere).
The outer cage remains cool to touch even after hours of cooking, due to our innovative design.
It is made from high quality, heat resistant stainless steel allowing for years of regular use.
It can boil 5 liters of water in 15 minutes using as little as 250g of wood, which is significantly less than traditional cooking methods.
Its thermal efficiency is 45%, for the Large Pot High Power, performed by the SeTAR Thermal Efficiency Test.
Its emissions are the best in its class.

Basic Specification:

Mass: 2.95Kgs
Height: 270mm

Cost R680

Weight 2.95 kg
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 27 cm

1 review for SunFire Rocket Efficient Stove

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was gifted this rocket stove for my 40th – weirdest present ever, right? Yet this is by far the most used (and useful) gift I’ve ever got!!
    With just a handful of scrap wood, I can cook an entire meal. In fact, you have to watch out: this thing puts out a LOT of heat (remarkable given the tiny sticks its burning). We use it at home and for camping and think it is brilliant.
    The only thing I can’t understand is why you don’t see this stove throughout the country, particularity in lower income areas….

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