Imagine a world of abundant free energy for all

It’s within humanities collective reach
If the sun can power our home planet, it certainly can easily provide for all y/our needs for generations to come

The Future Is Bright, The Future Is Solar​

SunFire Solutions started life 20 years ago as a solar cooker company, we now offer Africa a full range of quality solar technologies.

SunFire selects all products for longevity and Africa Proof design, built to last and serve all people blessed by Africa’s beautiful free sunlight for years to come.

Some of the most affordable prices on Solar Geysers anywhere in South Africa.

  • The easiest way to save 50% of your current electrical bills is to buy a solar geyser you won't even think about for the next 15 to 20 years.
  • Choose from Quality High pressure systems -suitable for municipal connections.
  • Check out our low pressure systems suitable for off-grid, gravity-fed or farm options

In 2020 SunFire plans to launch 3 new solar cooker models, all world firsts.

  • One cooks indoors and after dark and can also charge phones..!
  • Two - is SunFires SunLight high quality Solar Oven (made in Knysna) Imagine delicious solar energised bread roasts etc
  • Third is a solar cooker and at community feeding schemes schools and other large-scale catering operations. This unit will also generate electricity.
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keep your lights on during load-shedding while you build up your range to full energy independence

Select solar lights and phone chargers to light your home, camp site, caravan or stand alon entertainment area.

Choose from SunFires great range of solar lighting & security lights with motion/day/night sensors, perfect for scaring any uninvited guests

Choose a full inexpensive DC kit Including fridge and TV, no inverter needed

Browse SunFires basic kits with lights & device charging capacity.

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