Off grid Solar System

Are you looking for an off grid solar system but not sure where to start?

SunFire Solutions makes it easy for you to get electricity nomatter if there is load shedding or not. Our solar specialists have put together complete off grid solar kits to make this an easy process.

Solar systems which are fully functional and available in 12V , 24V and 48V solar power kits that can provide solar power to your house, business or whatever the requirement might be.

In order to ensure you get the perfect solar kit that suits your energy requirements we would require information about the daily consumption, type of system required etc. SunFire Solutions is currently updating our online store and we will have full kits available soon on the website, but with our 20 years of experience in the solar industry, we know how challenging it can be to choose a solar system on your own without any assistance.

Daily Solar Energy Requirement in KWh *
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