Energy in Lesotho

Solar Projects

The mountain kingdom of Lesotho has an estimated population of 1.953 million with more than 70% living in rural communities.  Rural communities rely mainly on pastoralism and migrant labour for livelihoods. Despite the roll out of Phase 1 of the “Lesotho Highlands Water Project” (including the “Muela Hydropower Station” which generates 72 mega watts of

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What Determines The Lifespan Of Solar Panels

Solar panels don’t last forever. But what determines when and why solar panels die? The truth is that solar panels don’t typically die in the traditional sense. That is, they remain operable decades after they’re installed, but not as well as they did back when they were new. The slow decline in the panels’ energy-generation

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Interesting facts on solar energy

A Guest Blog By LEDwatcher Solar energy is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It is being implemented in private household and public entities alike. And although we all know what solar energy is and how it works, we don’t know much about it besides that, as it is a relatively new

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