Paraffin as a home and health wrecker

SunFireSolar Lighting Solutions 12 Million South Africans still live in poverty with the majority relying on Firewood or Paraffin to meet their basic energy needs. Over the past 12 years SunFire Solutions based in Johannesburg has developed Solar Cooking and Lighting technologies to address this issue.   Paraffin(Kerosene) lamps and candles form the major part

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SunFire Clean Cooking Kit

solar cookers

SunFire Solutions Clean Energy Kits Approximately 500 Million Africans use firewood to cook their daily meals; globally it’s 3 Billion or half the world’s population. Deforestation and Poverty are two of the largest environmental and social challenges of our time and lead contributors towards massive Habitat loss and correlating species extinction. Addressing Cooking Fuel poverty

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