SunFire needs every Skill under the Sun to realise our vision, unfortunately we dont have the funds to buy them like big corporates.


SunFire is a small company with Big Dreams. We know that in order to accomplish a full scale Solar R/evolution its going to take a team effort – a new co-operative business model is emerging
We need assistance on many levels, such as but not limited to:

Mentors for small scale business start ups

More Sales points whereby people can access the latest state of the art Solar Tech

IT and/or Video filming and editing skills…??

Establishing contacts within NGO’S, Churches, Big Business

Writing proposals and Business plans

Give SunFire exposure in your publication/website

If you have time to assist with any of these needs or other ideas on how to create greater accessibility and awareness for Solar Cookers.

Please get in Touch – We would Love to hear from you