A Guest Blog

By LEDwatcher

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It is being implemented
in private household and public entities alike. And although we all know what solar energy is
and how it works, we don’t know much about it besides that, as it is a relatively new
invention. So we at LEDwatcher wanted to help you learn more about solar power and its
benefits, which is why we put together a list of 15 of the most interesting facts about solar

1. Solar energy is completely free source of energy. Even though it costs money to set up
the solar panels, after the infrastructure is in place, it does not costs anything to produce
solar power. Sunshine is free and, therefore, solar energy is considered to be completely
free as well.

2. Although the sun is about 90 million miles away from the Earth, it takes only about 10
minutes for the light to travel the distance, and provide us with some free electricity.

3. Most modern space missions use only solar energy to power their rockets.

4. On top of that, basically all TV and other satellites are now powered by solar energy.

5. During sunny days, earth receives more than 1300 watts of direct solar radiation per
square meter. Meaning that on a cloudless day only a few square meters of solar panels can
easily supply electricity to a whole household.

6. Solar power is completely free of any pollution and is considered to be eco-friendly. It is
even noise pollution free, as there are no moving parts to solar panels, so the panels don’t
emit any sound.

7. People have been using solar energy for centuries. Even though solar panels were
invented only in the 19 th century, people have been using solar power as early as in the
centuries BC. Of course, they didn’t use solar energy as it is used nowadays, but back then
they employed solar energy to help them create fire via glass lenses.

8. Solar energy is one of the most commonly used renewable energy resource on the
planet. And that is because you can easily use solar energy at home if you have solar panels.

9. Once solar panels are installed their maintenance is free and doesn’t require additional
costs for many years to come.

10. Speaking of years, on average, a solar panel lasts for about twenty five to thirty years.
So once you invest in solar panels, you will be able to reap the benefits from them from
more than a quarter of the century.

11. The amount of the solar energy which hits the Earth each minute meets the world’s
energy needs for one year. Meaning that if the world was fully covered in solar panels, in
just one minute we would obtain enough energy to last us the whole year. Of course,
providing that the sky is clear.

12. Since the solar energy industry is developing at a rapid pace, in last ten years alone the
costs of solar panels have dropped significantly. The costs have declined by around fifty per
cent since 2008. And they still continue to plummet.

13. The largest solar plant in the world is located in the United States, California to be
exact. Which is not surprising, considering how much sunlight California receives each year.

14. Even though the installation of solar panels can be costly, solar panels can boost the value of a property for up to fifteen thousand dollars. Not only that, they will also save you
around twenty thousand dollars in electricity bills in twenty years.

15. Solar panels can be set up on any type of roof. Shingles, tiles, metal roofs, you name it
and it can be done.