Solar Batteries Prices

There are many types of solar batteries for sale for example lead acid, lithium ion batteries and they come in different sizes as well making it challenging for a first time user to see what battery size is required. A solar Battery stores electricity generated by solar panels or wind turbines allowing you to access electricity in the home or business when there isn’t sufficient sun or wind to generate electricity for immediate use.

Quality solar batteries for sale in South Africa that offer you enough solar energy storage for your lights, appliances, geysers, and more.

Lithium ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries can last up to three times as long as AGM/lead acid batteries (or more than 75 percent of its capacity after 2000 cycles).

Lead acid batteries are used in many places, lithium batteries have additional advantages. For example, users can use approximately 50 percent of the power from an AGM/Lead Acid battery before recharging. However, lithium ion batteries can draw power from as low as 80 percent of usage before needing a charge.

SunFire Solutions brings you the best batteries for your lifestyle needs, find solar batteries prices and sizes below.

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