SunFire Solutions is committed to having the best solar geyser prices in South Africa. As Local Solar geyser suppliers we are able to deliver throughout South Africa at low delivery rates ,we supply locally manufactured geysers & will beat any written quote on solar geysers for sale.

Using a Solar Geyser can help you save money as the heating up of a geyser accounts for a good chunk of a home’s energy use, on average about 40% – 60% of your electricity account is contributed to your geyser.

Solar Geysers – Difference between High Pressure and Low Pressure

  • High pressure solar geyser means that the water in the tank are under high pressure, it’s equal to the pressure of tap water. High pressure solar geysers are designed for on-grid water supply (municipality).  Anything over 200kpa is considered high pressure, however 400kpa is ideally what you would want to running your hot water pressure at. The water pressure at the hot water tap will be the same as the pressure from your cold water tap, provided the pipes are of equal diameter.
  • Low pressure solar geyser means that if water in the tank is under low pressure, and is equal to the gravity of the water. Low pressure solar geysers have a pressure rating of no more than 100kpa of pressure. Low pressure systems are typically used in rural areas and farms, where municipal water supply is not available.

SunFire offers the best solar geyser prices in South Africa, take a look and see below.

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What size geyser do you need?

An average person uses 50 litres of hot water in a 24 hour cycle.

100 Litre geyser – up to 2 people    |    150 Litre geyser – up to 3 people |

200 Litre geyser – up to 4 people   |    250 Litre geyser – up to 5 people    |    300 Litre geyser – up to 6 people

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