High Pressure solar geysers

High pressure solar geysers are designed for on grid water supply (municipality). Anything over 200kpa is considered high pressure, however 400kpa is ideally what you would want to running your hot water pressure at. The water pressure at the hot water tap will be the same as the pressure from your cold water tap, provided the pipes are of equal diameter.

The simple compact design leaves no space for extra components which can leak, freeze, burst, lose heat, or simply stop working. The heat pipes fit directly into the tank. There is only a sleeve inside the tank, so heat loss is minimal. Because the whole system is on the roof, it is easier to install, which also cuts costs. It obviously cannot leak through a ceiling Low pressure systems are substantially cheaper than high pressure systems. All high pressure systems use a 1.2mm stainless steel tank. All our systems use 2mm tubes, designed to withstand 38mm diameter hail.

Closed Coupled solar geysers

It can get quite confusing when trying to figure out what solar geyser to go with. Closed coupled systems are probably the most effective systems as they have less chance of heat loss because there is less pipe travel till it reaches the tank through the thermosiphon method.

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What size high pressure geyser do you need?

100 Litre geyser – up to 2 people    |    150 Litre geyser – up to 3 people |

200 Litre geyser – up to 4 people   |    250 Litre geyser – up to 5 people    |    300 Litre geyser – up to 6 people

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