Solar Inverters For Sale

The solar inverters for sale by SunFire Solutions in particular the Pure sine wave solar inverters provide a purer form of energy than modified sine wave inverters. The energy from a pure sine wave solar inverter is similar to that supplied by Eskom and allows you to use the appliances you do on a day-to-day such as microwaves, game consoles, fans, lights e.t.c . By using the Pure sine wave solar inverters you will be able to use your computers  without the stress of overheating.

Solar inverters convert direct the current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. The solar inverter receives this DC electricity, converts it, then sends the converted power off to the fusebox. When the switchboard receives the AC electricity, this energy is sent and used to power all of the appliances in you home. Excess power is then sent to your battery storage or back into the grid. Solar panels generate DC electricity, but regular households, businesses and appliances require AC electricity to run.

For the best performance across a wide range of applications and devices, pure sine wave solar inverter are best and teamed with quality solar panels from will see you well on your way to sustainable living.

Take a look below at some of our options and contact us if you have any queries or require more information. Also take a look at our batteries for sale as well as our solar panels if you arent sure what you need please give us a call.

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