Solar Phone Chargers come in all shapes and sizes from very sophisticated units – such as the goal Zero Range made for outdoor sportsmen and trail blazers or Basic Phone/Light charging units suited for emergency back up or poverty alleviation projects. (they make great gifts)

Phones have quickly become one of Africas most common and vital mobile home appliances.

Phones allow rural families to stay connected with urban family members working in the city and increasingly offer a lifeline in the form of an easy way to send money “home” without ATM’s or Banks. Phones are used for everything from sending pictures of new born’s to checking the weather or calling an ambulance in an emergency. In Africa “a phone is Life” which explains the quick adoption and distribution rate. A phenomena we would like to emulate in the Solar Industry

Charging Phones and Solar Tech go hand in hand. Charging Phones in rural areas is a small business opportunity with users paying up to 1$ to charge their beloved mobile Devices.

SunFire has selected only the Best Solar Phone Chargers.

If you can afford it, spoil yourself with a goal zero product. Fold Out Solar panels make it easier than ever to run, cycle, walk or canoe with a Solar Phone Charger neatly tucked away (also charging gadgets like go pros and tablets). This is part of the SunFire Solar Lifestyle Range.

Emergency chargers, means your battery may not be 100% charged (smart phone with larger batteries) but you will definitely be able to make and receive calls when it really counts. (i.e – the Solar Lantern).

If you have more space (camper van, bike tour), take the SunFire Home System and enjoy the befits of 3 independent bulbs, a torch and battery strong enough to still fully charge a phone, camera, tablet etc

Never be without a way to stay in touch with loved ones or send that Million Dollar Photo or short film.

Whatever your Needs, you can Find it Here.

SunFire Solutions gives you full Solar Coverage

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