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Solar Phone Chargers come in all shapes and sizes from very sophisticated units – such as the goal Zero Range made for outdoor sportsmen and trail blazers or Basic Phone/Light charging units suited for emergency back up or poverty alleviation projects. (they make great gifts)

Phones have quickly become one of Africas most common and vital mobile home appliances.

Phones allow rural families to stay connected with urban family members working in the city and increasingly offer a lifeline in the form of an easy way to send money “home” without ATM’s or Banks. Phones are used for everything from sending pictures of new born’s to checking the weather or calling an ambulance in an emergency. In Africa “a phone is Life” which explains the quick adoption and distribution rate. A phenomena we would like to emulate in the Solar Industry

Charging Phones and Solar Tech go hand in hand. Charging Phones in rural areas is a small business opportunity with users paying up to 1$ to charge their beloved mobile Devices.

SunFire has selected only the Best Solar Phone Chargers.

If you can afford it, spoil yourself with a goal zero product. Fold Out Solar panels make it easier than ever to run, cycle, walk or canoe with a Solar Phone Charger neatly tucked away (also charging gadgets like go pros and tablets). This is part of the SunFire Solar Lifestyle Range.

Emergency chargers, means your battery may not be 100% charged (smart phone with larger batteries) but you will definitely be able to make and receive calls when it really counts. (i.e – the Solar Lantern).

If you have more space (camper van, bike tour), take the SunFire Home System and enjoy the befits of 3 independent bulbs, a torch and battery strong enough to still fully charge a phone, camera, tablet etc

Never be without a way to stay in touch with loved ones or send that Million Dollar Photo or short film.

Whatever your Needs, you can Find it Here.

SunFire Solutions gives you full Solar Coverage

  • Solar Charging
    • Simply store this solar lantern on a sunny window sill, grab it when you have load shedding and it will provide phenomenal lighting.
    Usb Charging
    • Plug the supplied USB cable into in USB power source to charge this solar lantern fully in just 3 hours if you use your phone charger to charge it.
  • Great features:
    • Built in rope and seat belt cutting blade
    • Solar Powered Recharging
    • High and Low Beam torch LED modes
    • High and low beam lamp LED modes
    • Emergency orange flashing light and powerful emergency strobe
    • Glass Breaking safety Hammer
    • Personal alarm
    • Solid and durable but not too heavy to carry!
  • Pro 200

    The Solar Lamp & Phone Charger defines the industry’s gold standard in affordable solar-powered lanterns with dual mobile-phone charging capability. The solar Lamp features long lasting (three years of daily performance) LFP batteries for phone charging capacity, and a leading level of brightness, in the industry. Measured at 160 lumens, This portable solar lamp provides an ample amount of light when in the dark. The Solar lamp, with 36 hours of light runtime, is therefore ideal to meet the lighting and charging needs of under electrified households.
  • Little Sun phone charger, Charge your phone. Charge your life.

    Meet the second member of the Little Sun family: The Little Sun Charge, the high-performance solar charger with style. Designed by Olafur Eliasson building on the beauty, elegance and sophistication of the little sun. The design follows on the quality of the Little Sun with a Solar Cell previously only used on the Solar airplane project. Yes we are serious.

    Little Sun Charge brings the power of the sun to your phone, MP3 player, camera, or e-reader – wherever you are, whenever you need it.

    Featuring a powerful 2200 mAh battery and a robust inbuilt lamp that’s bright enough to light a whole kitchen or tent, Little Sun Charge is an essential item for your next camping trip, festival adventure or for hardworking professionals on the road.

    The charge is as suited for an outdoor Solar lifestyle as it is for poverty alleviation projects.

    Try this new product, you will be delighted.

    The solar charger with style

    • A high-performance handheld solar charger
    • Features an inbuilt lamp with three brightness levels
    • 7.5 hours in the sun gives you a fully powered Charge or over 70 hours of light
    • Powerful battery (2200 mAh) with a lifespan of 5 years when used daily
    • ROHS and ISO-certified certified for quality and consistency in production standards

    Unique features

    • Designed by artist Olafur Eliasson – makes a great gift for those with an eye for design and tech
    • Comes with a handy lanyard and carabiner hook
    • Stand is available for purchase as an optional extra and converts the Charge to a distinctive desk lamp
    • Works with all your small devices and uses standard USB connectivity
    • Comes with a story booklet in a beautifully designed box
    • Robust, durable and water resistant: made for adventures in the great outdoors!
    The power of your purchase

    When you buy Little Sun products, you make solar energy available to communities without electricity at a locally affordable price. For every Little Sun sold, one goes to our partners in rural Africa, where we train local sales agents and bring solar energy to those who need it most.

  • Pro 300

    This portable light and phone charger is a true heavyweight among phone-charging solar lanterns. This solar light features high density NMC batteries with charging capacity sufficient for today’s battery-hungry devices, such as smartphones. The batteries also power its brilliant light, rated at 300 lumens – 30X brighter than a typical kerosene lamp. At its lowest levels of brightness, it provides 100 hours of light. This is the ideal lantern for the lighting and charging needs of your home or business.
  • Pro 400

    Our Solar Lantern with phone charger is the industry’s new gold-standard phone-charging solar lantern. Compared to some of our other solar lanterns and phone chargers this one packs nearly double the battery storage and double the solar panel power, offering twice the phone charging capacity of its predecessor. And with the latest high-efficiency LEDs, it shines 40X brighter than kerosene, at 400 lumens, drawing favorable comparisons with AC electric lamps. Despite its high performance and premium build quality, the solar lantern comes at a remarkably affordable price. Get things done, at home or at work, day and night, with our most powerful lantern yet.
  • Solar Cell Phone Charger with a Radio, MP3 player and Light. The digital FM Radio has internal memory to save your favorite radio stations. You  can play music directly from an SD card or USB drive for up to 10 hours. The Solar Radio is full of options: Mute, Pause, standby or plug in your earphones for personal listening. This outstanding product does more than light your adventure. 
  • The mini solar home system is a premium product with 2 overhead lamps, 1 portable lamp and a USB charger for mobile phones and other devices. Each overhead lamp vividly lights up an entire room while the portable lamp allows flexibility of use. With a 3000mAh Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery, it has a runtime of up to 24 hours on a single day’s charge. The mini solar home system comes at an amazingly affordable price point, the price of a solar lantern!
  • The modern solar kit for home and businesses. The solar kit brings modern lighting and energy to homes living off of the electric grid. Once installed, this solar power kit provides bright, 100 lumen diffuse fixed room lighting to three separate rooms. Included wall-mounted light switches provide modern convenience and the central power hub features standard 5.5V USB and 12V power outputs to power mobile phones and DC appliances.

    With three, 200 lumen high-power fixed room lights and a massive 12,000 mAh battery, the Home solar kit delivers abundant lighting and appliance charging for the most performance-demanding families and businesses. Included light switches provide modern convenience and the central power hub features standard 5.5V USB and 12V power outputs to power mobile phones and DC appliances.
  • Solar Fan

    Our Solar Fan strikes the perfect balance between performance, durability and affordability. Designed to meet basic cooling needs of under- electrified households around the world. Our Solar Fan has 16 inch blades which provide powerful airflow with three wind speed modes and it oscillates up to 90 degrees. It features a built-in battery that gets charged directly from the 15W solar panel and has a powerful motor, creating a user-friendly and flexible design that our customers dearly love.