Solar water pump

The solar water pump is typically used in domestic water supply, irrigation projects and for pumping water A solar water pump uses the energy of the sun. The electricity is provided by one or more PV panels which are connected to the electrical pump system. Solar pumps are a great alternative to the conventional method of pumping water.

Types of Solar Pumps for water

  • Surface solar pump – these sit above ground and move water through pipes. They are handy for moving large quantities of water at a slow pace and are commonly found on farms or large irrigation systems where water needs to be moved from a lake or other body to fields or landscaping.
  • Submersible solar water pump – These are installed underground, but the solar panels are connected above ground. The pumps are used to move water from inside wells to the surface.

SunFire Solutions also provides solar pumps for ponds, water features and more smaller projects. Find the perfect solar pump for sale that work for your needs. Should you need any specific information on selecting a pump please let us know, we will be happy to guide you.

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