Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to run off. Its uses include water for garden,water for livestock, water for irrigation, water for domestic use with proper treatment, and indoor heating for houses etc. There are a few options. 1)    We can install a small-ish (2 200L) tank for you right next to the house with a small submersible pump inside (I love submersible pumps because they are out of the way, nobody can try and steal it and there’s no noise factor) for approx. R 11 000 (fully installed). It’s simple and straight forward – you connect a hose or sprinkler to the pump and voila. 2)    We can install a bigger tank (4 500L / 5 000L) anywhere in the garden and harvest from one side of the house (two / three downpipes), also installed with a submersible pump (can be bigger) for approx. R 20 000 3)    We can harvest from your entire roof, install 2 or 3 tanks (depending on the roof space) and link the harvested water to your irrigation system for between R 22 000 – R 55 000 (it really depends on many factors) 4)    The best, but also the most expensive….. we can harvest from your whole roof, install the tanks anywhere on the property and you use that water inside the house as well (Grand Opus). The water will also be connected to your municipal supply as a back-up so basically it means during the rain season you will close your municipal supply (off the grid) and during the dry winter season you will switch over to municipal supply again. The system is also designed in such a way that you will always have back-up water for those water outage days. Prices vary between R 50 000 – R 95 000. Depends on double or single storey house, type of irrigation system etc. We can also treat the water to potable water. Please contact us regarding the option that would suit you best.