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200L High pressure solar geyser


Up to 4 People recommended for 100L Geyser

High pressure solar geysers are designed for on grid water supply (municipality).

The Geyser is shipped and packed into the boxes below

The Frame is 30 Degrees

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How many people will have hot showers with 200 Litre High pressure solar geyser?

How does a High pressure geyser work?

  • High pressure solar geysers are designed for on grid water supply (municipality). Anything over 200kpa is considered high pressure, however 400kpa is ideally what you would want to running your hot water pressure at. The water pressure at the hot water tap will be the same as the pressure from your cold water tap, provided the pipes are of equal diameter.
Save yourself 40% of your electricity bill and install a solar geyser today.
Stay one step ahead of load shedding, climate change and any other calamity that may influence your opportunity to enjoy FREE hot water.
Vacuum tube technology has increasingly replaced flat-plate technology as the most sophisticated way to harness the sun’s radiation. Vacuum tubes allow for a greater angle of interface with the sun making them far more efficient than flat plates, however, both work really well.
  • Vacuum tube technology is able to withstand hailstones of up to 6 centimeters.
  • Tubes are cheap, readily available and easy to replace.
  • Should a tube get broken, you simply block up the space where the tube was and continue to enjoy your free hot water while you wait for a replacement tube.

Our solar geyser range is available for delivery throughout  South Africa | Centurion | Midrand | Krugersdorp | Vanderbijlpark | Boksburg | Randburg | Roodepoort | Sandton | Germiston | Stellenbosch | Bloemfontein | Alberton | Kempton Park | Port Elizabeth | Benoni | East London | Pietermaritzburg | Soweto | Berea | Pretoria | Johannesburg | Durban | Cape Town | Mpumalanga |  | Namibia | Congo | Madagascar | Zimbabwe | Lesotho | Botswana | Malawi

Geyser Specs

  • Inner tank:                                        1.2mm thickness, 304,360 diameter

  • Outer tank:                                       Outer tank 0.50 Galvanized z 275

  • Vacuum tube:                                   Cu-AL-N/AL-58-1800 with heat pipe

  • Frame:                                               1.2mm think galvanized

  • Max Fluid pressure (Pa):                 400kPa

  • Operating fluid pressure (Pa):        0.6Mpa

  • Test pressure:                                  400 to 600 kPa

  • Insulation layer:                               50mm Polyurethane integral foam

  • Heat preservation:                           72hours

  • Heat pipe:                                          90mm length condenser, 14mm diameter body, thickness: 0.6mm

  • Dust Proof Rubber:                           SABS standards

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