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Low Pressure Solar Geysers | Green Series | (2-Year Guarantee)


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Low Pressure systems are designed to use gravitational pressure from the water level in or above the tank. (or on a farm dam)

The System has to be open to air to let the steam out when it boils.


  • 1.5 mm galvanized steel, painted black or green.
  • Adjustable. Installation is easy, especially for level surfaces or 26o roofs.
  • Without reflector.
  • Expected lifetime: 15 to 20 years, if installed under correct pressure.

Operating pressure:

  • There is a breather in the top of the tank. IMPORTANT: This breather (vent) must be OPEN TO AIR. These systems boil easily, and the steam has to escape easily.
  • The pressure inside the house is gravitational, from the water in the tank only.
  • Tube seals: silicon rings. When inserting tubes, tubes should be lubricated with soapy water,NOT oil or Vaseline.
  • “Welded” by a high efficiency rolling machine, thus it cannot handle high pressures.



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Low pressure solar geysers

Low pressure solar geysers have a pressure rating of no more than 100kpa of pressure. Having a low pressure solar geyser allows for that same pressure to be heating FREE OF CHARGE!

Low pressure systems are typically used in rural areas and farms, where municipal water supply is not available.  Municipal water is usually pumped throughout the network of underground and above ground pipes to its location with the use of very powerful pumps, and as such, is usually considered high pressure.  Low pressure water supply is fed to the user with only the use of gravity.  This means that the water is usually stored in above ground tanks above the level of where it is used, and gravity pulls it down.  This type of water supply is called low pressure.

Should you wish to install a low pressure system in your home with municipal fed water, you would ultimately need to utilize a pressure control valve to reduce the amount of pressure coming from the main source.

Installation of the backup element with thermostat ensures the temperature within the tank never drops below the desired efficiency level (which you set) making it more cost effective and environmentally friendly to reheat.

Backup units are not usually necessary unless your establishment needs a continuous supply of hot water – such a guest houses, backpackers or Hotels.

Most systems last for 20 years and upwards and are virtually maintenance free.

We can arrange installation within Gauteng for an additional R3000, Outside of Gauteng, please support a local plumber in your area or do it yourself, its literally One pipe in and One pipe out.

Our Low pressure units are simple, easy to use and easy to install

Start saving money today (40% of your electrical bill) and enjoy free solar hot water for years to come.

Our solar geyser range is available for delivery throughout  South Africa | Centurion | Midrand | Krugersdorp | Vanderbijlpark | Boksburg | Randburg | Roodepoort | Sandton | Germiston | Stellenbosch | Bloemfontein | Alberton | Kempton Park | Port Elizabeth | Benoni | East London | Pietermaritzburg | Soweto | Berea | Pretoria | Johannesburg | Durban | Cape Town | Mpumalanga |  | Namibia | Congo | Madagascar | Zimbabwe | Lesotho | Botswana | Malawi


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