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Cooking on a parabolic solar cooker can be compared to using gas. Heat is instantaneous, making Parabolics the ideal solar cooker for breakfast fry ups and Braais. Heat is concentrated to the bottom of the pan/pot using a custom made reflective (replaceable) metalised tape. Parabolics work on the same principle as satellite dishes for TV/internet, Sunlight is focused into a single heat area. Parabolics need to be adjusted with the sun every 30-40 minute’s as the sun moves.
Solar Cookers are also perfect for soup’s, stew’s, especially when used with a sunbag. Solar Cooking is fun and comes with sensationally delicious health benefits.

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Solar Cookers offer users the quickest and cleanest way to cook food anywhere on earth.

Harness sunlights natural properties to prepare sunlicious healthy meals.

Parabolic Solar Cookers concentrate sunlight, require no additional fuel resources and produce zero greenhouse gas emissions and can easily be used to cook delicious meals day after day for years to come. Quite simply there is no other product on earth quite like a Solar Cooker.

You can proudly leave your Solar Cooker to your grandchildren.

N.B – Reflective foil loses 30-50-% of its shine after 3-5 years. Inexpensive replacement foil can be self applied for as little as R400 making your Parabolic Solar Cookers an inter-generational product.

Solar Cookers are most effective when combined with complimentary clean cooking technologies such as Rocket fuel efficient wood-burner stoves (also for space heating) and Sunbag retained heat bags (storing the heat already inside  your pot to finish off Solar started meals and/or freeing up space to put another pot/pan on your Dish)

When combined clean cooking kits allow users to save 80% of monthly budget currently burnt on daily cooking fuel. Approx 8-10% of monthly energy costs are for cooking energy (Eskom). Costs are much higher for Firewood or Paraffin. For LPG gas, the continual fuel cost plus transport/supply makes Solar Cooking far more economic. Using basic calcs a Solar Cooker pays for itself within a year being used only once per day. Repayment times increase significantly when used to boil water (stored in Thermos flasks) or Cook more than Once a day. A  Solar Cooker is a solid investment

To make the most of your Solar Cooker practise using it daily (start with boiling water) and see for yourself how much you enjoy the taste of food prepared using the suns free and abundant natural energy. Solar Cooking doesn’t reinvent Cooking but it does certainly add a new method to enjoy this daily activity.


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