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SunBag heat retaining cooker


SunBag heat retaining cooker


SunBag’s ample size (49x49cm) can accommodate most domestic cooking pots and can also be custom made for clients specifications.

SunBags or Heat Retained bags use insulation to keep heat in the pot allowing food cooked halfway to finish cooking without wasting time or fuel. SunBags are “fuel free passive Ovens” that keep food warm long after dark or can complete the cooking process when the sun is hidden by clouds. This simple and brilliant technology is the perfect complement to Solar Cooking and Fuel efficient stoves and perfectly rounds off the clean cooking kit.
 Saves Time for other activities
 Saves money to redirect on education, transport, home improvements, gardening etc.
 Retain nutrients and flavour by gently completing the cooking process
 Act as bush fridges, keeping food cold/frozen/for longer than otherwise possible

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 1 cm


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Heat retaining cooker

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