SunFire Solutions Clean Energy Kits

Approximately 500 Million Africans use firewood to cook their daily meals; globally it’s 3 Billion or half the world’s population. Deforestation and Poverty are two of the largest environmental and social challenges of our time and lead contributors towards massive Habitat loss and correlating species extinction. Addressing Cooking Fuel poverty remains largely out of mainstream media focus and thus underfunded in development budgets. Children often say, “the trees are running away from us” as they walk further each week to collect the same amount of fuel their mothers easily gathered. The majority of the population in Southern Africa is under 15 and relies on Firewood or Paraffin to meet their basic Cooking and Lighting needs, categorized as extreme poverty. The simple fact is Energy poverty must be addressed before progress can be made with other environmental and social justice issues. It’s a Daily problem without respite.


The Good news is, simple and practical solutions are now in hand. SunFire Solutions a South African based for-profit has been developing Solar Cooker Technologies for the past 14 years and is actively looking for partners to assist us get our range of game changing technologies to where they are most needed. SunFire has created a Kit capable of playing a leading role in reversing deforestation whilst simultaneously addressing root causes of (energy) poverty. Southern Africa is home to one of the richest concentrations of animal and plant diversity anywhere on earth, we need to act quickly. Solar Cookers make free cooking fuel a reality One plate at a time.

SunFire Solutions believes the fuel to cook should never cost more than the food in the pot.

SunFire Solutions kits include a 1.2 Meter Parabolic Solar Cooker, Rocket wood burners and retained heat or Sunbags and optional lighting system. SunFire kits gives users a 24/7 Clean Cooking and Lighting solution for a minimum of 2 years with no external fuel inputs. SunFire selects products in our unique kit for ruggedness, ease of use and low to no maintenance including reasonable warranties on all products. In short: as “Africa Proof” as possible.

The latest Technology improvements allow SunFire to offer kits at lower costs that ever before without compromising on Quality. Kits deliver immediate, measurable and visible impacts to recipient’s quality of life with inbuilt macro-benefits to the Ecology, Economy and Society as a whole. Selected Technologies were developed for the maximum upliftment of the most vulnerable members of our society with the greatest need and unfortunately least ability to be able to afford them without assistance.  Solar Kits can play a vital role in reversing root causes of poverty and habitat destruction for all life on earth.

Micro or Localised Benefits of Solar Kits include:

  • Drastically reducing cooking costs (up to 80%) from day 1 installed, for a minimum of 5 years (theoretically indefinitely)
  • 25% of monthly income is consumed on daily cooking fuel, the poorer the home the larger the % cost
  • Reduce smoke/Paraffin fumes, inhalation and burns
  • Indoor air pollution is the 4thbiggest killer of Women and Children in Developing Countries (above Malaria)
  • Provide free water boiling capabilities, diarrhoea from polluted water is the lead cause of Death in infants under 4
  • Provide communities with long-term sustainable technologies that strengthen both their culture and local eco-systems
  • Offer Free Lighting and phone charging for minimum of 2 years (longer once initial batteries are replaced)
  • Can play a vital pivotal role in breaking cycles of poverty inherent in rising fossil fuel, food and transport costs


Macro Benefits Include


  • Kits are the ideal tool to tackle interlinked issues like Climate Change, gender equality, education, nutrition and access to clean drinking water in an elegant and amazingly cost effective manner
  • Reduce, reverse and halt social and environmental degradation while stimulating economic growth
  • Use state of the art cost effective and environmentally responsible technologies to give households access to essential modern energy requirements at a fractional cost to other option
  • Reduce “black soot” a heavy carbon particle that accumulates on ice, speeding its melt that’s proven to be a surprising but major driver of climate change (changing this is seen as a low hanging fruit, tech exists but isn’t readily available yet)
  • Allow GDP budgets currently allocated to subsidising fossil fuel imports and large power station infrastructure to be better redirected towards decentralised renewable energy resources.
  • Ultimately the perfect Solution for Africa’s long term Energy Needs – Africa has sun in abundance


The SunFire12 – 1, 2 meter Parabolic Cooker

Solar cooker parabolic

Parabolic Cookers concentrate Sunlight (like a magnifying glass) to a central focal point that generates immediate heat making them comparable to cooking with gas. Parabolics are very simple to use – in essence a black pot or pan is placed in the focal area absorbing enough heat to begin cooking. Dishes should be adjusted with the sun every 20 – 30 minutes.

Solar Cookers are the only appliance on earth that provide absolutely free cooking fuel without any hidden or additional costs

  • Cooks for 4 – 8 people
  • Boils 1 Liter of water in approximately 12 Minutes
  • 600 Watts Power output, Assembly size 65 x 60 x 10 cm, weight 10 Kg
  • Requires no maintenance with a 10 year lifespan, metalized foil can be re-coated making it a   multigenerational product

The SunFire Rocket


SunFire Rockets are highly efficient wood burning stoves that use small piles of wood to create large pots of food. Up to 60% of Firewood is “wasted” in the form of smoke that’s “incompletely combusted” polluting both lungs and eyes and not even contributing to the cooking process. The Rocket is made in SA and is one of the most efficient wood burning stoves globally. Rockets are the perfect complement to Solar Cooking as they use the least fuel possible to prepare meals and give users an option to cook on cloudy days or after the sun has set


SunBags – Heat Retained Bags
sunbagRetained Heat bags allow users to place food cooked halfway into an insulated bag to finish off the cooking process. SunBags are “fuel free” passive ovens that save extraordinary amounts of time and energy by keeping food warm long after dark or finishing off a dish in partly cloudy conditions. SunBags are the perfect complement to Solar Cooking and Rockets, it’s a fuel free Oven.

This kit is a combination of the smartest, most cost effective cooking technologies put together – anywhere on earth

SunFire Mini Home System


SunFire Mini Home systems are a compact 3 light system with 3m cabling and on/off switches for each light. The system comes with 10 cell phone adapters and a powerful battery capable of charging all types of phones and most tablets. The System charges up to 4 devices simultaneously and has a plug for grid charging. Batteries can be replaced after 2 years of daily use and are widely available. The SunFire Mini Home system is quite simply in a class of its own


SunFire Solutions is a young innovative company perfectly suited to manage or tailor make Solar projects. We offer full training on all products and have 14 years of community development experience.

Kits were created based on community needs feedback.