Using Solar lights help you save money immediately on lighting costs,  SunFire Solutions provides a range of solar lights for sale such as solar lamps, solar lanterns, outdoor solar light for garden, solar flood lights, solar security lights and more.

Using a Solar light are just so awesome…!
Why isnt every one using them..??

We feel it’s because the good quality products aren’t as widely available as they should be. SunFire is on a mission to address this issue. You can now sit in the comfort of your home and SunFire Solutions will deliver top-quality solar lights directly to your door.

Personally, I love the versatility my solar light offers me. I use my Solar Light as my reading/study lights and/or when I need to light up an area for functions/events and/or enjoy a beautiful evening under the stars with my family and friends in the garden.

For me this is part and parcel of the simplicity and elegance of having a solar lifestyle, you can take SunFires range of portable solar light systems anywhere you go, or just use them at home.

The longer you live with them, the less you understand why anyone would use/make/buy any other kind of light.(who needs cables?)

SunFires selects our product range using the knowledge we have gained from over 20 years in the Solar industry. Its so exciting to see quality improving while prices drop. What other industry can state the same..??

With SunFire’s range of top quality Solar light systems, there is absolutely no reason for any person to be in the dark, no matter the status, living arrangement, or location.

Give yourself or Loved ones the gift of reliable solar lighting, illuminate your life with stored solar energy, we guarantee you, you will never want to use any other light source again.

Should you need any specific information on selecting a light please let us know, we will be happy to guide you.

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