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Get Quality Solar Lights for your Home or Office
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Solar lighting is invaluable for:

  • Back Up power system for load shedding or any other occasion where you must have light
  • Independent Boma or entertainment area (for either permanent or occasional use)
  • Permanent Bush Camp – Rural Home or area that cannot easily be grid connected
  • Caravan or Biking Lifestyle – easy to set up and so small you can tie it on the back of a Bike

Solar lights offer security and illumination when power outages occur or in areas where electricity is not supplied. Solar lights have a wide range of applications, are in some cases weatherproof, and durable. Having solar lighting installed on the premises means that children have access to lighting outdoors and indoors, ensure your business is lit at night – whatever the need, our solar lights will put your mind at ease.

Let SunFire help you identify the Perfect Solar Solution
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